INTNCITY provides a plug & play blockchain-based platform for local Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DOAs) where neighbors can work together to build and finance infrastructure and provide better services that impact their daily lives. Backed by the tech team from Liquidum & YIMBY DAO we look to accelerate the intensity of urban development at the local level using blockchain to create more streamlined delivery of neighborhood infrastructure and services. Our standard tool roadmap includes distributed ecosystems for tree planting, street sweeping / cleaning; graffiti and weed abatement, street parking allocation, delivery and enforcement, urban right-of-way use assignment, ADU permitting and entitlement, local benefits or service delivery, community-based package delivery, and even homeowners association (HOA) management. We empower neighbors to help neighbors and change their own environments for good.


Our blockchain-based platform provides an app-based ecosystem allowing for modernizing workflows with transparent assignment of rights (rights allocation), responsibilities and work assignments for neighborhood improvement in a secure and efficient way. We also are working to provide new ways of incentivizing community investment with a rewards frameworks and new financing mechanism to allow for many other forms of neighborhood intensification. This includes everything from tree planting, to street sweeping and graffiti abatement, to small unit housing delivery. We aim to make many aspects that make up our cities work better.