INTNCITY is a forward-thinking technology company that uses blockchain-based platforms to help build and finance infrastructure. Our mission is to promote urban regeneration, enhance transportation systems, and drive economic empowerment in local communities. The company was incorporated 2022 by Billy Riggs and Vipul Vyas, building on decades of shared work from Sustinere and a Mineta Transportation Institute report, in order to focus on blockchain and AI applications in transportation and urban infrastructure. With partners hailing from Polygon, Liquidum, Meta and Nuance, we are committed to leveraging innovative tools and technologies that create sustainable solutions to address the challenges of urban environments particularly in the field of transportation and infrastructure regeneration. Through our collaborative approach and expertise, we strive to foster inclusive growth, improve connectivity, and build the future of resilient communities.


Our technology provides a plug & play blockchain-based platform for local Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) where neighbors can work together to build and finance infrastructure and provide better services that impact their daily lives. The platform provides an app-based ecosystem allowing for modernizing workflows with transparent assignment of rights (rights allocation), responsibilities and work assignments for neighborhood improvement in a secure and efficient way. We also are working to provide new ways of incentivizing community investment with rewards frameworks, vouchers and new financing mechanisms to allow for many other forms of neighborhood intensification. This includes everything from doing street cleaning and graffiti abatement, providing new transport services, conducting tree planting, or delivering parcels, to providing distributed energy or housing rights allocations. We look to accelerate the intensity of urban development at the local level using blockchain to create more streamlined delivery of neighborhood infrastructure and services. We empower neighbors to help neighbors and change their own environments for good making our cities work better.